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Casino and Gambling Strategies Revealed


Now, I'm sure you already know that game, but again

"Gambling is risking something of value for the chance to win a prize" The risk is very important word in that sentence and something we all have to understand is that there is no way to play without any risk. If you spend money in a casino, then you are playing and takes a big risk.

So I hear you say: "Yes, yes, I know what the game, but you have to do with fraud?"

Good question. Recently there has been a new wave of financial fraud on the internet when you type "make money now." sponsored ads look a bit "this way:

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There are different types of ads and web addresses easyfreeincome different.

Now I know better these days, but six months ago, I was attracted to this system and I'm ashamed to admit it, because what follows is a series of embarrassing defeats that things really put me and my husband and he and I know yet.

As we will see if you visit one of these sites reveal a "secret" of how you can beat the casinos. How I lost a bit of money before, I was eager to take revenge on the casinos and follow the instructions to the letter

The first time you visit this site is considered real, because they ask for money. This is actually the freedom of information. But make no mistake. They make their money by encouraging you to enroll in some casinos. They have links on their sites that work best with the casinos of this strategy and get a large order to present him as a player and when you lose your money, get a good percentage.

These sites are encouraged to donate to them or "good cause" if we win, what makes you think it would be good if you do not ask for money up front, but like I said your money in the casino when you register.

However, I do not know at this point and I are very excited about this "new" system. In fact, it's just an old system, the martingale system. Every time you lose, you double your bet on a roulette table, win and make all their money and others. I downloaded the casino and registered as a practice player. While she worked and earned more than $ 300 in practice mode. The color itself has never seemed more than 7 times.

I was playing with money and a $ 300 is the minimum necessary for this to work. I just lost everything. Once the casino money was at stake was much more difficult, even if I follow the exact rules.

I felt so bad I had to take a day off. That really made me feel physically sick. I felt depressed and guilty.

Now, here's a little embarrassing. A few months later I saw another ad online. I clicked and read. It was another game site and this time was a different strategy. It was also roulette, but bet on the columns and rows of three. Once the line has not reached seven times, you bet its eighth edition. The money invested in it could lose 19 times in a row and still make a profit. I did another casino or In practice, the game worked perfectly. Once moved to pull the money I lost everything. It is true that one third of the table has not reached 19 times. Exceeded all expectations and I think the online casinos are rigged.

He had worked so well in practice, I was very confident. I lost $ 600 once again hit me hard.

I think I finally learned my lesson. No one strategy to beat the online casinos.

This scam is packaged and sold in several forms, including software such as Roulette Sniper and murderer of roulette, but anything that involves an online casino does not work. Please do not take the risk. Casinos make their money and the site that referred you're going to take a break.